When Stanley was a puppy, I was skeptical. Did we really need pet insurance? I mean, we had a dual income household and he seemed so healthy.

I’ve not worked out the exact numbers. How much we paid over time vs how much we “saved”, after deductible, on various treatments in the last years of his life. Perhaps a wash?

I do realize it helped make decisions regarding his care. The various operations were expensive, in the tens of thousands of dollars. But having a portion covered meant not only could we afford to go ahead, but we could choose the best practitioner for the treatment. Often (but not always) the most expensive. He got great care and it not only extended the duration of his life but increased the quality.

And the outfit we chose (not naming them, this isn’t an endorsement of a firm or insurance in general) was true to their word, providing a high standard of service and prompt payment. Some costs were pre-approved then billed directly by the veterinary business. The rest were user submitted. Most. Some. We could have been better about that.

If you’re going “through it”, hand the receipts to a friend and get them to deal with the paperwork.

It’s hard to keep one’s head on straight when your best friend is sick.