Listening to: Broken Baby – Broken Baby LP (I so wanna dance to this)

Well, this is fun.

I have a bag of old pins that somehow got all rusty. Water damage? Humidity? I’ve always wanted to make my own but the proper machine costs $$ and making real metal-backed enamel pins looks complicated. Perhaps with a vice and hacksaw? Maybe later…

So I tried to DIY it last night. Stripped and sanded an old pin then sprayed it down with black “rust paint” gloss enamel. All the tiny bottles of “craft store” enamel paint cost far too much for what they were, so I got a pot of gloss white rust paint from a hardware store. At least it will be useful later. The spraying has to be done outdoors but the painting isn’t too stinky for indoors.

It’s thick and advertised as “paint and primer in one” which had both ups and downs. With the soft “dollar store” brush, it’s rather hard to control. I’ll look for a smaller, stiffer brush for the next one, and perhaps some sort of small flat tipped stick-thing to push it around a bit (I obviously know SFA about painting right?). Given a few more colours it may be possible to paint some tiny things on the pins. Total lack of talent is never a barrier. Palette schmallete, just rolling with what I can find/scrounge will be a fun way to spend some evenings.

Constantly fighting the damned cat off just makes it more… interesting.