13 years ago… we decided to get a dog.

After much discussion a choice was made to get one from a breeder. Rescues were discussed but as we already had a house full of them (failed medical fostering for the SPCA), something new was in order. Neither of us ever had a dog before. A brand new world. Despite being a “breed” we did our best to get a healthy dog. Finding a breeder concerned with such matters and who did all the health checks going back generations. Even MRI’s were involved.

Several weeks later Stanley came home. We were SO not prepared. I took time off work to manage the “willful for the breed” canine.

And he became our best friend. Jobs were changed to accommodate him. As was daily life and shopping. “Dog Friendly” became the mantra. Weekends spent on hikes, swimming in creeks and climbing mountains. We promised him the best life possible and hope we delivered.

Goodbye Stanley. I sit in a coffee shop crying while typing this, weeks after you left us.

I suspect you wouldn’t have it any other way.