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Photo: pic taken with my first digital camera, the Olympus D-360L (bought 1999 in New Orleans). Still works!

I use Firefox. One of only a small percentage of people who do these days. The market is dominated by Google’s Chrome and it’s derivatives. I could go on about how a mono-culture on web access is dangerous, or how that it would be headed by what is effectively an ad firm/data broker with little sense of ethics, but I’d be digressing.

This is about add-ons. Mostly so I don’t forget what I’m using. You’ll probably want to go back to doing something more relevant to your life at this point (videos of goats cavorting is my go-to).

uBlock Origin – blocks lots of ads* and crap. Makes the web faster to browse.

Privacy Possum – reduces and/or falsifies data gathered by tracking companies.

Privacy Badger – learns to block invisible trackers.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers – lets you run each website in isolation.

Facebook Container – wraps Facebook automatically and generally screws with their tracking elsewhere on the web.

Decentraleyes – Messes with CDN (Content Delivery Network) delivery. Third parties that host web content and may monetise your data.

ClearURL’s – Removes tracking elements built into links and URL’s themselves.

HTTPS Everywhere – Just removed this one as the feature is now built into Firefox. Warns you when you load insecure websites (any password would be transmitted as plain text).

*I have no problems with seeing ads. I ran a site for a decade that depended on them for revenue. But those were topical, self-hosted and did not contain any trackers. Alas, many modern ad services are kinda shitty about that stuff.